Could YOU be our Next Brand Ambassador???

We are looking for 2 incredible Pole Dancers to represent our Clothing Brand Playful Cat Pole Wear.

We understand every poler today has a unique style, and we invite you to share your passion for pole dance with us by becoming a PCPW brand ambassador ❤

The lucky Ambassadors will receive FREE gear to wear to represent our Brand, (including unreleased items), and a discount code that can be used on your profile by all your friends, followers and family.

To qualify for this role we require that you have a PUBLIC social media profile, LOVE Pole and will post regularly with the items we send you (minimum 3 times a week), and be willing to help trial new products before releasing to the general public.

If this sounds like it could be you then fill out the form below. This is open to EVERYONE, WORLDWIDE and anyone can enter.

We look forward to reading all your applications and we are incredibly excited to be adding 2 of you to our team xx

Stuck in a Pole Dance Rut?

Are you stuck in a pole rut? Don’t worry we’ve all been there! Getting warmed up and ready for your pole session only to realise that you lack the inspiration, drive or ideas to execute anything.

Now as much as we all love pole, (let’s be honest it is rather addicting), it can sometimes be a little daunting! It may be that you have lost the desire to pole , maybe you are lacking any form of creativeness or maybe it doesn’t give you that amazing feeling like it use too……. Well maybe we can help.

If you are needing some inspiration then look no further! We have compiled a list of some of our favourite dancers to help inspire you. Sometimes a change in style, routine or going back to basics can be just what we need! Hopefully this may help you get some of your pole mojo back.

You’re craving MOVEMENT……

You’re craving EXOTIC……

You’re craving DYNAMIC MOVES…..

Maybe you want some Beautiful SPIN COMBOS….

Or perhaps some amazing STATIC COMBOS….

We hope you enjoyed our first post and found some new found inspiration and love for pole. Let us know below who your inspiration is…….

About Us

Playful Cat Pole Wear is a family run, home business based out of Perth, Western Australia.

Our goal when we first started this venture was to supply Australia and the world with funky custom made pole wear at an affordable price.

We wanted to offer funky fabrics, cute cuts and great quality whilst still making it affordable to everyone.Our speciality started with sticky leggings and has slowly moved onto our beautiful flowy skirts, crops and an array of pole shorts in different styles.

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or queries 🙂

Love Cat & the Team xx