Safety Precautions

Terms and Conditions for Mermaid Sticky Pole Leggings

We know you are excited to start using your Sticky Pole leggings but first and foremost we want to ensure your safety is our first priority. Please ensure you always follow the careful instructors of your qualified instructor when training any pole moves!

Please note consumers using our Mermaid Sticky Pole Leggings do so at their own risk and are personally responsible for any safety precautions that should be in place. Ensure the use of safety mats and ‘spotters’ (a trained pole dance instructor) to ensure moves are executed as safely as possible. Playful Cat Pole Wear take no responsibility for any misuse of our Mermaid Sticky Pole Leggings resulting in injury

  • While our leggings will assist you with grip and keeping you warm, please ensure you still do a thorough warm-up and strengthening exercises to ensure you prevent any injury to yourself.
  • Our leggings have been tested extensively without many problems but occasionally, in very rare cases, this type of legging can cause friction burns. This occurs when the leggings are to loose and slide against the skin. This can be avoided by making sure you pick the correct size via out sizing chart in our main menu. On first use, allow 5 – 10 minutes to make sure there are no issues with the fit. If at any time you feel uncomfortable in the legging, please stop activity to avoid any further burns or injuries.
  • The silicone coating may peel with intense use and friction from tricks. To avoid excessive peeling, please avoid using grip aids and repetitive movements. This will ensure the longevity of the leggings.
  • Our sticky leggings can be used on most pole surfaces such as chrome, steel, or brass material. Do not use them on a silicone and powder-coated pole as the rubbing will damage the legging and the grip on the legging.
  • We as pole dancers are use to strenuous pole activity and just like anything, overtime the grip will wear and the leggings will become less sticky. Should this happen it is time for a new pair so please discontinue use and purchase another pair.

If you have any questions, please contact us at You may also reach us through Facebook and Instagram.